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“The most purely delicious production... relentlessly inventive...I began to marvel at Ms. Salerno’s embrace of limitations...As the performance built, the elasticity of Ms. Salerno’s creativity became clear. Reveling in restrictions, her show turned out to be a paragon of Fringe form.”

"Dominique Salerno thinks outside the box while performing inside one. In her intensely creative collective of vignettes, The Box Show, she crams herself into a cupboard-like cube for 90 minutes, and like a magician pulling rainbow-colored strings from her mouth, she keeps surprising you with what she can produce in the space... It’s often hilarious, but what makes the show most memorable are its moments of darkness, expressed in fleeting, poignant side thoughts and comments. This interplay between light and dark helps The Box Show achieve what every vignette show wants: It is even greater than the sum of its parts."

"In lesser hands, this might be just a great sketch show. But beyond being a highly skilled comic (which is a huge deal in itself); Salerno is a masterful playwright and theatrical actress—and even a powerhouse singer! Salerno employs her breathtaking array of skills to take her audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions as delightful and satisfying as virtually any show currently playing in NYC... Salerno is certain to be a star; and this is the finest show of any kind I saw at FringeNYC." 

"Our nomination for Off-Broadway performer of the year...This work firmly establishes Dominique Salerno as one of our most inventive, entertaining, and accomplished writers and performers.”

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